Technology: The Crown Jewel Of The Human Evolution

It is more apt to say that in the present world; the Earth revolves the sun but the world definitely revolves around Technology. Such is a place for technology in our lives. Their significance though sometimes criticized has always been a boon to the society. The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century was the one that laid foundations to the sudden bloom of technology. Technology has since been developing with rapid pace and acceleration. The invention of steam engine by James Watt was the first offspring of the technology. After that almost every field has adopted new innovations for the improvement. Various grades of people from infants to old aged persons are enthralled by the world of technology. The invention of modern computers is the most important invention as this has laid path to the other developments of the period. We can’t see a child or a teenager in the street without having an iPhone or an android in his hand. These handsets have implicated themselves in our life becoming an essential commodity to live next to air and water. In the today’s world, if there had been a worldwide black out, then we will all be shipped back to an era of Stone Age.

The Crown Jewel Of The Human Evolution

The Importance Of Technology In Our Life

Be it any profession or sitting at home, the person would be hypothetically handicapped if technology is absent. For example, in terms of household life, a mother can’t make her family a dish for breakfast or dinner without using a microwave oven or a refrigerator. Though she can prepare at some point, it will be a long time for her to realize and undertake the action eventually. The reason behind this is very simple; we humans have been pampered by technology for a long time and have discovered and implemented everything that can make our life easy to some point. Technology has made us lazy but it is an unavoidable monster at this point of time.

Without the advent of advanced systems, there would be no progression in every field including medicine. Its absence of which may lead the humans to have become extinct for a long period of time. It is the god given gift of our capability to think and discover new things to race against evolution. Embracing it will not lead to our destruction as others might indicate.

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